Jock Jamz 2k16

Hey FitFam,

Here are my top 20 tracks I am feeling this month. The playlist is designed as a full workout, American Oxygen + Hello Friday are your warm up (since it's almost Fri-yay here in Cali). The next 17 songs ebb and flow to help you through your workout, or even a tough day at work, and Needed Me will cool you down. I have mentioned a few times on here, that I taught cycling classes for a couple years at Indiana University while I completed my dual M.S & M.P.A. degrees so I am a pro at music mapping ;) 

Enjoy it!

How to Optimize Your Workouts With Music:
-Studies have shown individuals push themselves the hardest and have an inherent preference for listening to music at 120 BPM (beats per minute). This playlist is right around there, I got you fitfam!

Have an amazing weekend!

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