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Hi dolls,

I mentioned on my instagram (@chicinsneakers) a few weeks ago I was going to do another bodybuilding.com trainer, since I have had so much positive feedback and follow up questions about my review of the Elite Body Trainer that I did almost a year ago! 

Bodybuilding.com has so many great plans, and especially before I became a personal trainer, it was such a key resource for helping me plan my workouts and progress towards my goals. I picked the Built By Science trainer after a little research. I wanted a trainer that was 8 weeks or less, intermediate to advanced level, and focused on muscle building (rather than fat loss). Also, I wanted a program with enough rest days to fit in some light intensity yoga and pilates workouts I like to do for flexibility and core strength.

To you lovelies who have been following along with my fitness journey for a while now, you know one of my pipe dreams is to become a bikini competitor, but I have quite a few obstacles that make that goal more arduous than it should be. Primarily, if you can't tell from my twig arms in the photo above, I am a Class A ectomorph and have a hard time gaining weight and/or muscle. Along with lots of work travel, I have a hard time with overly restrictive meal and workout plans.

In general my goals are always muscle building, general health, and reducing my body fat in the process. The last time I had a reliable measurement a few months ago, I was 17.1%, and I'm trying to work towards 15-16%. 

I will have a full synopsis of this plan in about a month, once I've completed the trainer. Have questions or comments? Any favorite BB.com plans you want me to try? Let me know on instagram or twitter @chicinsneakers!

Also, my first giveaway ever is coming up in the next week! Stay tuned, it's going to be good.


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