I've been trying to nail down New Years Eve plans here in our new home in Orange County, California. With Los Angeles so close, the options seem nearly unlimited compared to small town Indiana where we came from. Either way, while I ruminate on where we'll be, I can at least plan what I'll be wearing.

New Years Eve seems to be a holiday where girls take what they are wearing very seriously, as if it's an adult prom where sequin dresses are ubiquitous. I've worn sequins before on NYE, but now I prefer materials and details that stand out. This faux leather dress from Zara is not only interesting with a side slit, but has a nice amount of sex appeal without being over the top sexy the way many NYE cut-out dresses can go.

The lace up shoes and Moshcino also add special details that add interest to what is otherwise a little black dress. The Rolex watch, available on invaluable.com contrasts nicely with the heavy gold hardware on the bag, and I've really been feeling a vintage watch moment lately. For several years, the trend in women's watches was "boyfriend" this or oversized that, and it seems like there has been a return to simple, leather watches for women. There are many to choose from on invaluable.com, which is a luxury auction site, and can be a huge time saver if you're trying to scour Ebay for that perfect vintage designer item.

The coat, and closed toed shoes are a nod to the midwest, the east, or anywhere with sub freezing temperatures where coats, tights, and closed toed shoes are always a good idea.

Have a very merry holiday and a happy new year.


Lost but not forgotten

Outfit Details: Express Tee, Gap distressed skinny jeans, Loeffler Randall bag, Rayban sunnies, vintage plaid Keds sneakers, Urban Outfitters flannel

Since October, I've successfully passed my personal training exam (email me for workout plans!), moved from small town Indiana to southern California, and traveled between Seattle, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara for work. Not to mention, I successfully cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving, which may be my greatest accomplishment from the last couple of months. This outfit is from the weekend before last, when I had a day off in Santa Barbara to take in the sun, explore the awesome vintage stores and State Street, and enjoy some Saint Ynez vino.

I didn't mean to ignore my blog for so long, but life has been exceptionally hectic, even for someone who spends about half of their time on the road. I have so many ideas about things that have been inspiring me lately that I can't wait to share with all of you lovelies.

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