Chest & Triceps Smasher

Hey lovelies, I'm getting ready to take my CPT exam in a few weeks. I've been trying to really push myself in my workouts, while still being really time efficient. Below is a great chest and tricep workout I did on sunday. I tried to keep my rest between sets to 45 to 60 seconds. On the last set of each exercise, I did a dropset.

A dropset means reaching failure, dropping the weight by 5-20% and continuing the set with more reps to failure. Usually a dropset is done with about 2-4 drops. If you have questions about the workout tweet me @chicinsneakers or shoot me an email (chicinsneakers.blog@gmail.com)!

I included video links you can click on to see a quick video of the exercise with forms cues if you're not familiar with these moves. 


Barbell Bench Press
4 x 10-12
Bodybuilding.com - Barbell Bench Press - Medium Grip

Dumbbell Bench Press
3 x 10-12
Bodybuilding.com - Dumbbell Bench Press

Incline Dumbbell Flyes
3 x 10-12
Bodybuilding.com - Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Close grip barbell bench press
4 x 10-12
Bodybuilding.com - Exercise Popup

Tricep Pushdown
4 x 10-15
Bodybuilding.com - Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment - Female

Overhead tricep press
3 x 10-12
Bodybuilding.com - Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension - Female

Tricep bench dips
3 x failure
Bodybuilding.com - Bench Dips - Female


Jewel Tone

Outfit Details: Gap Sweater (available here), Ann Taylor pants, DKNY watch, 10 Crosby Derek Lam shoes, Loeffler Randall bag (similar version here)

The weather is already starting to turn here in the midwest, this weekend was full of rain and wind, making it apparent summer is long gone. I've been trying to mix in some of my favorite fall pieces like this soft camel sweater and jewel tone pants with more summery pieces like to 10 Crosby flatform sandals. While the look is elevated for a Sunday brunch, it's still casual and comfortable enough to wear running errands.

I'll moving to southern Orange County in less than a month, the lease is signed; it's official. Mentally preparing myself for the move means letting go of the idea of fall, and learning to dress for "perma-summer". It will definitely be a transition, and I'll try to keep posting as much as possible during the moving process. You lovelies can follow me on bloglovin or twitter so you don't miss a post.

I'll also be sharing some workouts this week, I'm planning to take my personal training exam right before I leave, fingers crossed. 


Fall fashion wants

F/W 2014

1. Zara sweater $80
3. Zara cape $249
5. ALDO necklace $18
6. Zara brown coat $169

I just signed a lease this week for an apartment in southern Orange County, California. It's crazy to think I'll be moving in less than a month, given how much I have left to accomplish before then. 

Even though fall won't quite be the same in the sunny oasis that is the OC, I can still dream about luxe coats and bright pops of burgundy and jewel tones. These are some of my picks for fall that I would add to my wardrobe in a heartbeat. The items themselves are all fairly classic, but with modern twists and special details that make even a pair of black boots or a camel sweater feel new and interesting.

What trends are you guys adding to your closet this fall? The item information above are all links, so click for shopping details.


Fall Uniform

Outfit Details: Loeffler Randall Junior Work Tote (similar here), 10 Crosby Derek Lam shoes, Gap coated jeans (available here), American Apparel tee, DKNY watch

Hi lovelies, I'm so sorry my posts haven't been as regular as I would like. I'm traveling for work and gearing up for my big move to California in less than a month, needless to say there are a lot of moving parts in my life right now.

Lately, I feel like I've been living in skinny jeans, tshirts, and comfortable shoes. These coated jeans and striped tee add a little interest to what could be a very basic outfit. The giraffe and snake print on the shoes and bag, respectively, also give a little extra pinache to my everyday errands uniform. I was thinking that maybe I would do a post on some of the furniture makeover or decorating once I've moved.

Is that something you guys would like?


Thoughts on diet and exercise

I promised I would share some of my diet and workout routine with you lovelies today. I have mentioned it before in some of my instagram posts, as well as here on the blog, that I have been "bulking" for roughly six weeks now. 

What is bulking?

Traditionally, body builders would divide their diets in bulking where they would focus on putting on mass and then switch to cutting during contest season to lower body fat. First of all, I am not trying to be a bodybuilder.

I say that I am "bulking" (with the quotes) because in reality, I spent several weeks reverse dieting. For long periods of time, I was trying to eat too few calories for my height, activity level, and body type; and because of this, my workouts and energy levels suffered. I feel that I have spent a long time eating too few calories and unintentionally compromised some of my fitness goals without realizing it.

Because of this, I decided to reverse diet, where I increased my calories about 50-100 a day, and continued this for several weeks. So, for example, on the first week I was eating about 2100 calories a day, week 2 about 2200 calories a day, etc. I did this for about four to five weeks. I was trying to eat high quality foods with lots of protein during this time, though I did allow myself some wiggle room. 

After these several weeks, I started noticing significant improvements in all of my lifts, which felt amazing. However, I did not put on any noticeable weight or inches during this phase. Because of this, I decided that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try a traditional bulk, particularly since I regularly have to lift heavy equipment at work. 

So, what has that meant for my current diet and workout plan?

I am currently eating roughly 3000 calories a day, shooting for 40%/40%/20% carbs, protein, and fat respectively. I lift five to six times a week focused on legs, back and biceps, chest and triceps, and shoulders. I alternate doing calves and abs each day as well. My rep ranges are more geared towards hypertrophy (maximal muscle growth) so each exercise is 3-4 sets of about 8-12 reps, often with the last set being a dropset.

I've tried to focus on feeling like I've really pushed myself during each workout and feeling a pump in the muscle even if I'm only at the gym for forty-five minutes. I am just now starting to do cardio again, but haven't done any for about two months.

What are my goals with this? Why would you want to "bulk"?

My goal right now is to focus on building muscle, and to develop a more toned, strong figure, particularly as I transition into cutting and losing fat in the upcoming weeks. A lot of people have the idea that women should not lift weights or eat too much because it will make them unattractive.

I am still wearing the same size jeans as I was before I started this process, approx. size 25-26, which is really fairly small. I can tell I have put on a few pounds during the bulk, but a significant amount of it has come in the form of noticeably more shapely legs, back, and butt. 

I am perfectly fine with this, I don't look like a man (which many people warned me I would), this process is a means to a leaner, stronger, more beautiful figure and I'm happy with where I'm at. I remember trying to put myself on a 1200 calorie a day diet and wondering if I would ever be able to deadlift my bodyweight. Today, I do my deadlifts with a plate on each side of a barbell (135 lbs) and pictured below I am doing romanian deadlifts with a 100 lb weight. Mission accomplished.

Have more questions? Email me at chicinsneakers.blog@gmail.com or on twitter @chicinsneakers


Weekend Chic

Outfit Details: Loeffler Randall Junior Work Tote (similar available here), J.crew boxy top, Gap distressed skinny jeans (similar version here), Steven by Steve Madden heels, Nasty Gal Cat Eye sunglasses (similar here), DKNY watch

This weekend was one of those where I felt like I was constantly running around, trying to get as many errands done as possible. New York fashion week is wrapping up, so maybe that the was the inspiration to step up my weekend uniform, but either way this is a definite upgrade to my normal t-shirt, jeans, and kicks.

These Gap skinnies are an awesomely affordable pair of distressed skinny jeans, that not only fit well and flatter, but also transform in the distressed holes and tears as you wear and wash them. Paired with the structured J.crew top and heels, it elevates what would otherwise be a comfortable, yet generic weekend look. This bag is one of my new favorites; I read an interview in this month's Lucky magazine with Jesse Randall, which totally sold me on the brand, as if I really needed convincing. She talked about wanting to design special pieces for the modern, multi-dimensional girl, and I was inspired to pick up a few of their pieces on Piperlime.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, have you been keeping up with nyfw? Any favorite trends? Tomorrow I plan to post some of my workouts and info about my diet. I've been "bulking" for 1-2 months now, and am getting ready to start my "cut". More on this soon!


Digital Print

Outfit Details: Stuart Weitzman tassel loafers, Zara digital print skirt, Michael Kors bag, Banana Republic wrap top

I picked up this Zara skirt during their winter sale this year, drawn in by the print. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it, but this is the first time I've actually worn it out of the house. It amazing how I (and I'm sure many women out there) can have a full closest, but still feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear. It's a little ridiculous when pieces I love, somehow fall through the cracks, and amidst the multitude of clothes, they get lost in the dark recesses of a closest. I can see myself continuing to wear this skirt into fall dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with a chunky-knit sweater and boots.

The loafers are a new favorite of mine, the silver is so multi-dimensional, I can see myself wearing these with laid back weekend outfits or to work. 

Hope you lovelies have had a great week, I'm going to try to record some workout videos over the weekend and post some of my workouts on here next week. 

Have an awesome weekend! xo

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