Hotel Workout


Warm up: 5 min walking on incline treadmill

Dumbbell Chest Press 10 reps
Dumbbell Chest Fly 10 reps
45s-1min rest
Repeat superset a total of 4x

Incline Chest Press 4 x 10

Bent arm pullovers: 4 x 10

Push Ups 4 x failure

Tricep dumbbell extensions (standing) 3 x 10

Dumbbell skullcrusher 4 x 10

Tricep dips to failure 3 x failure

Cool Down: walking for 5 min & stretch

I'm on the road this week in northern California, and I'm still trying to stick to my workouts and meal plan. It's definitely hard to eat the amount of protein I'm used to while on the road, I even brought some individual packets of whey protein with me. 

Fitting in a workout is easier while traveling, most hotels these days have upgraded workout rooms, or at the very least offer passes to locals gyms and clubs. This is a workout I put together based on what I would do at home, and modifying some of the exercises to accommodate the equipment in the hotel workout room. If you're not sure of what one of the above exercises should look at, check out the exercise library on bodybuilding.com, it's a great resource. 

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