If you only had 10 minutes to workout...

This week I am on the road again, and by mistake I left my trusty TRX at home. The workout room at the hotel has, according to their website, 2 treadmills, an elliptical, and free weights. This can often translate into “2 broken treadmills, an elliptical that is likely in use due to the broken treadmills, and three dumbbells, none of which are the same weight”. In cases like these, I opt for working out in my hotel room, which provides privacy, the ability to change the tv channel, and more often than not, greater floor space than the hotel workout room.

I did these moves in 45 seconds bursts, with 15 seconds rest in between, timing it on the stopwatch on my ipad. I did 4 sets of 8 exercises for 32 total minutes, but these moves could be done with a higher or lower set volume (number of sets) to change the difficultly of the workout. These moves could be done in 30 second intervals with no rest for 10 minutes, and you could still complete a large amount of work in a minimal amount of time. I even added one of my current workout playlists above, so enjoy and let me know what you guys think! Comment below or tweet me at @chicinsneakers

Move 1: Mountain Climbers, 45 second, Rest 15 seconds
Move 2: Jumping jacks, 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds
Move 3: Tricep dips on a chair, 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds
Move 4: Plank, 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds
Move 5: Curtsy Lunges, 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds
Move 6: Push Up, 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds
Move 7: One-leg Glute Bridge, 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds

Move 8: Single Leg Squat (alternate each round) 45 seconds, Rest 15 seconds

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