Erin Stern's Elite Body 4 Week Progress

About a week and a half ago, I completed four weeks of Erin Stern's Elite Body Trainer, link here. I said that I would post progress pictures after the four week trainer, and give my thoughts on it. 

Elite Body was not only challenging, and fun, but I feel like I am seeing visible results in terms of muscle growth. It is not a program I would recommend to someone brand new to the weight room unless you have help from a certified trainer or coach to demonstrate proper form for certain movements like power jerks (the second portion of a clean and jerk) and barbell squats if those are new exercises for you.

The plyometric components of the workouts and the fact that nearly every exercise was supersetted (two exercises performed with as little rest as possible in between) made these workouts feel like I was challenging not only my physical strength but also my mental strength.

Below is my before picture; and, to clarify, I am about 5'11.5" without shoes. The changes in the photos look small, even to me, but because I am so tall, I would have to gain A LOT of muscle very rapidly for a visibly dramatic change in muscle size. Also, my stomach varies a lot in how defined it looks based on how much (or especially how little) I ate the day or so before taking a photo, so I don't think it's a good measure of progress. I think arms/legs made more of a change and are less likely to fluctuate in size/muscle tone if I accidentally ate a calorie deficit the day before.

This photo below is from the beginning of week 2 of the Elite Body trainer, note my shoulders and traps are gaining size from the photo before.
This photo below in the blue sports bra is from the middle of week 2, shoulder progress is still visible, arms are looking slightly more defined. Stomach also looks stronger. 

 These next two photos are from Week 3 of the Elite Body Trainer, I had to take this shameless selfie because I thought my bum looked huge that day. I am a recovering flat-bum-syndrome skinny girl, so any evidence that I am building a better lower body is way too exciting for me. Also, I went up about 20 lbs in my barbell squat (same number of sets/reps) over the 4 weeks of the trainer.

Below, legs are looking more muscular (and larger, hello quadzilla) in this photo from Week 3.
Abdominals look stronger and more developed, as well as separation between the delts and bicep.
I took these photos below this past week, so you guys could see a little better the muscle I do have. As I said before, I am quite tall, and generally I look a little shrimpy, even when I flex. My waist is about 24" and hips are 35", I am working to build muscle as well as my metabolism, but obviously building muscle is a longer and more difficult process for women than men. Below you can see lats are filling in, as well as delts, biceps/tris. 

I hope you liked this review, I thought Elite Body was absolutely awesome, and Erin Stern is a great role model for all the fit chicks out there. If you have questions/comments, comment below or email me at chicinsneakers.blog@gmail.com


  1. Trying Erin Sterns 4 week trainer as well. I am finishing up week 1 currently and I've been extremely sore especially in my legs! Hopefully that means progress!

    Are you taking any supplements? I am a student athlete so I cannot take supplements, I hope that doesn't suppress my results! Anyways! Great Review!!1 :D

  2. Hi BeautifuleSoul 94, I do take 1-2 grams of CLA a day since I am trying to reduce my body fat currently. Also, I usually use BeastSport drink mix on days when I work, which has about 3 g of creatine in it. Beyond that, I take multivitamins daily.

    According to NASM, creatine is not banned by any major sports governing bodies, however, it is illegal for an institution to supply student athletes with creatine. Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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  4. I am on Erin's plan right now, Week 1. I feel so sore just by ploy's and legs all over, and I feel great! I am about 5"6", 109 pounds (can't seem to gain more weight than that), and skinny fat. I've been lifting weights for about a year now, with 5 min cardio beforehand. I have muscle, but my stubborn fat is covering it I believe, haha. I only take multi-vitamins and fish oil daily, and about to buy some whey protein to take once or twice a day.

    My question is: Does Erin's plan help build more muscle? I also saw that during the four week plan, they are the same workouts. When I do them, do I just add more weight each week? I also don't want to take Creatine, because summer is around the corner and I don't want to be bloated by the time I go to a music festival I'm attending, but I may try Creatine once it hits fall.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to your comment (: Love your results by the way!

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