Protein Ice Cream

I've been dying for some guilt free ice cream this summer. I've made "proyo" before, but what I really like is something that has the thick creamy texture of real ice cream. There are some store bought alternatives, that are made with coconut milk, greek yogurt, and even water and whey. But a lot of them have lots of added sugar, and while fine in moderation, I wanted something that was truly zero guilt and tasted delicious.

I blended my favorite casein/whey powder from Beverly International available here. I used the cookies and cream flavor, and blended approximately 3 scoops with 16 oz unsweetened almond milk. If you decide to use a pure whey or whey isolate powder, I would recommend adding 1/2 tsp of xantham gum in the blender to act as a thickener. I then poured the mixture into an open wide container in the freezer. Ever 15-30 minutes use a spoon to scrape and stir the mixture until it's the right consistency.

This should make about 2 servings. I topped mine with 1/4 tsp sprinkles and a dash of cinnamon and dove in!

Approximate Nutrition (per serving)

Calories: 225
Fat: 7 grams
Carb: 7 grams
Fiber: 1.5 grams
Sugar: 1.5 grams
Protein: 32.5 grams

You really can't beat the nutrition and taste, I hope to come up with some more ice cream recipes with different flavors and ingredients to share with you lovelies. 

Have a great weekend. 

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