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For the last year I have been on the road about 50% of the time for work. This includes driving and flying to different jobs sites around the country, and healthy eating can be very difficult when fast food and chain restaurants may be your only options. 

I try to plan ahead as much as possible, and if I'm driving, sometimes packing a cooler or lunch box with fresh fruits and vegetables is an option. In general, I try to make sure I'm eating (relatively lean) proteins with every meal and minimize refined carbohydrates and sweet snacks that will spike blood sugar and knock hunger cues out of whack. Also, if I will be eating at restaurants, most chains have menus online, I'll pick out my meal before I head out to eat. 95% of the time, it will mean choosing a better option. If you're flying, check out the app Gate Guru which lists all restaurants and amenities in an airport. This lets you weigh your options and sometimes view menus before wandering around aimlessly until you find yourself at the airport McDonalds.

Below are some of my favorite snacks that travel well, and help prevent overeating or overindulging while on the road...

Raw or lightly salted almonds are a great option, but you could just as easily pack walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, or trail mix. You can even portion them out in individual ziploc bags to control serving size.

Cellucor alpha aminos are my favorite BCAAs, and if you're using a hotel workout room this a great pre and post-workout drink that helps repair muscles and keep you hydrated. 

Fresh berries. It's summer, so many of these are in season, pack in individual tupperwares in a lunch box or cooler with an ice pack and these can last several days if you replace with ice or store in a hotel mini fridge.

Quest bars! These are by far my favorite protein bars, they have about 20 g of protein per bar depending on which flavor you pick, and about 20 g of carbs (most of which are fiber). These taste great and come in over a dozen flavors. Check out where to buy or order from Quest Nutrition

Low sugar protein bars or nut and fruit bars. These Think Thin bars are great as well, with relatively low (<4 g of sugar per bar) and about 20 g protein each. Several other options that I like are Kind bars and Lara bars. Look for bars with less than 5 g of sugar per bar and a short ingredient list. Lara bars and Kind bars may have a little more sugar than this, but they are made with natural ingredients like dates, nuts, and dried fruit.

Whey powder! Many brands make smaller portion sized containers, though if you have the room you could bring a tub of whey on the road. I know that Cellucor, Nectar, Jay Robb, and GNC brand all make individual sized packets. I like taking these to mix up shakes in water bottles or to mix in with oatmeal at a hotels' breakfast bar. 

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