Sun's out, guns out

Ever since I started consistently lifting, I realized how pointless the workouts I used to do in college were for actually developing muscle and changing body composition (think endless bicep curls with 5 lb weights and crunches for days). Because of this, I have shied away from anything resembling crunches or bicep curls with low weight. So with that in mind, this workout definitely changed my attitude towards working the "beach" or "glamour" muscles. If you are unsure what any of these look like check out Bodybuilding.com's exercise finder that includes videos with proper form. 

Warm up: 5-10 minutes walking on incline treadmill

-Barbell bicep curls 4 x 12 
-Tricep cable rope pulldown 4 x 12
rest 45 s after each superset

-Hammercurls 3 x 12 
-Barbell skull crushers on a flat bench 3 x 12
45 s rest after each superset

-Preacher curls 4 x 12
-Machine tricep pushdown 4 x 12

Tricep cable rope pulldown 
7 sets of 8-12 reps 

Cool down: 5-10 min walking on treadmill

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