Workout Track of the Moment

Hey gym bunnies, hope your week is going amazing. I got some exciting news this week, I will be traveling to California for the next couple of weeks for work. Can't wait for the sunshine, I'm such a lucky girl! Also, I decided to spend part of my tax refund on finally getting my personal trainer CPT. I've always wanted to be a personal trainer, and I have always seen myself helping people achieve their fitness goals in addition to a having a full time career. I am passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and I want to seek out whatever knowledge I can. One of my major pet peeves is people who post workouts or give dietary recommendations to people (charging money) when they have no certifications or formal education to base their recommendations upon. I completely understand when fitness or bodybuilding competitors give advice or answer questions about their own workout and meal plans, because they are simply sharing what they are doing. When giving advice, I think it important to understand the science and physiology underlying fitness and health. Anyway, once I do have my CPT, I plan to start posting and sharing workouts. Enjoy the 3LAU track and get after it!


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