Have your cake (and eat it too)

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I just had to post this, since I was slightly (read, unreasonably) excited after a rough day at work. Anna of proteinpow aka, "the protein chef" posted a picture of a red velvet protein cake I made over the weekend using her recipe. I am a huge fan of her website proteinpow.com, where she creates all kinds of sweet treats using protein powder and clean ingredients. I have made at least a dozen of her recipes, and they are always top notch. I was unbelievably flattered by her recognition, and it is so encouraging since I have just started to blog and post to Instagram consistently. I used to want to be a fashion blogger, but after becoming a fitness instructor a two years ago I realize how important and fulfilling exercise and diet are to a balanced lifestyle. In this blog I plan to post my favorite workout music, workouts, outfits (both for the street and for the gym), fashion and style, recipes, and my progress towards getting my personal training certification. 

Thanks so much for reading this, it means a lot to me that people are actually taking the time to read my page. As I continue blogging, I plan to push myself to produce better and better content.

So stay tuned! 

xo Lana

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