Workout Track of the Moment: Man Of The Year

Loving this track right now, enjoy my gym bunnies.


Workout Track of the Moment

I read about Elliphant in Nylon sometime last year, and loved everything of hers I could get my hands on. "Down on Life" is a little more mellow than what I normally like to work out to, but it is hypnotically catchy. I used to listen to it on repeat last summer walking to class in London, and not many tracks can compel me to play on repeat. Enjoy.


Take Me to Rio

Take Me To Rio


My full time job has me on the road quite often, and after taking stock of my hotel reward points (of which I now have many), I've been imagining my next vacation destination. Last summer I was fortunate enough to spend in London, and the summer before that I found myself in Beijing. I put together an inspiration board for Rio de Janeiro, since it is the future setting for the World Cup and next summer Olympics, and it seems to be inspiring prints and fashion editorials and even an OPI collection. I may just have to add it to my travel list, with the D&G earrings in tow, of course.


Workout Track of the Moment

This track is definitely over the top, maybe even bordering on obnoxious, a la "what does the fox say?" But, this is the type of track that can pair perfectly with a spin or indoor cycling working. This could even work on a high intensity cardio playlist. Maybe it just means my taste in music is a little out there, but anything with a high energy chorus can work in an indoor cycling format. Hope you guys enjoy! New and varied content coming soon! 




Workout Track of the Moment

Newest workout track on my playlist, enjoy!


Spring Fashion Favorites: Part 2


Jumpsuits have been around for several seasons now, but anything with unique details or a little extra 70s flair is feeling fresh and new right now.
Yes, overalls. We thought these would never come back, yet here they are. Although not for everyone, they can be incredibly easy and versatile. Pairing with flatforms or a fashion forward heel can help step up the look of an overall to transcend the 90s aura.

I'm dying for these shoes and bag. 

Crop Tops
Crop tops are not going anywhere soon, appearing on both fall and spring runways. If a bare midriff is not your cup of tea, wearing a crop top with a high waisted skinny jean will leave just the faintest sliver of skin while still achieving the look.
Jerseys for girls
Sports inspired pieces are on trend right now, and jerseys are perfect for warm weather and NBA finals later in the spring. I have a beloved Bulls jersey from childhood (number 23, fyi) that I'm looking forward to restyling with a pair of slouchy trousers and heels.

What are your favorite spring trends? Hope you guys are having a good week!


Workout Track: Original v. Remix 3.21.14

Dada life is known for pumping out high energy tracks that are perfect for cardio, plyometrics, HIT, or just dancing around like a maniac in your room. Cazzette is another one of my obsessions, and they came out with a remix of Dada's "Rolling Stones T-shirt" that definitely deserves a listen. Which one is your favorite?



Spring Fashion Favorites


Pastels and florals will always be classic for spring, but I am obsessed with Ciara's leather skirt and mohair sweater in the sweetest pink to edge it up a little.

Slip ons

I remember slip ons from childhood, call me a product of the 90s. Now they are more modern and versatile than ever, there are infinitely many colors, patterns, and ways they can be paired with a pair of skinnies or a skirt.

Simple Yet Intricate Heels

 Enough said. NEED both of these.

Sporty Inspired Pieces


Clean lines and sharp silhouettes are the perfect way to show all your hard work at the gym.

Bright White & Unexpected Cut outs

J. Lo is doing it right.

Unexpected Suiting

I'm loving the concept of matching bottom top sets in unexpected prints and colors, Swinton's look may be too much for me to pull off but maybe a tropical print in a blazer/mini skirt set may be easier to pull off.


Workout Track of the Movement, 3.19.14

This is a new song from Far East Movement (the same group behind "Like a G6"), I like it for lifting or for high resistance cardio. I would definitely use this song in one of my cycling classes for a hill climb. Enjoy!


Have your cake (and eat it too)

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I just had to post this, since I was slightly (read, unreasonably) excited after a rough day at work. Anna of proteinpow aka, "the protein chef" posted a picture of a red velvet protein cake I made over the weekend using her recipe. I am a huge fan of her website proteinpow.com, where she creates all kinds of sweet treats using protein powder and clean ingredients. I have made at least a dozen of her recipes, and they are always top notch. I was unbelievably flattered by her recognition, and it is so encouraging since I have just started to blog and post to Instagram consistently. I used to want to be a fashion blogger, but after becoming a fitness instructor a two years ago I realize how important and fulfilling exercise and diet are to a balanced lifestyle. In this blog I plan to post my favorite workout music, workouts, outfits (both for the street and for the gym), fashion and style, recipes, and my progress towards getting my personal training certification. 

Thanks so much for reading this, it means a lot to me that people are actually taking the time to read my page. As I continue blogging, I plan to push myself to produce better and better content.

So stay tuned! 

xo Lana


Gym to Dinner Look, 2 ways

Gym to Dinner Look, 2 ways

Hi everybody, this a set I put together on polyvore that could be worn to the gym, and then two simple, comfortable outfits that could be worn out afterward to dinner, or anywhere you're headed. Whether you're in school or working, it always seems like there is somewhere to be after your workout so packing your outfit and getting ready at the gym can be a huge time saver. Florals and bright colors are always on trend for spring, and I'm loving these two pants options as well as these ombre nike compression tights. Let me know what you think!


Workout Track of the Week

This is a great new track I found on Spotify to get motivated and get after it. I'll have some new content coming soon, work has kept me extremely busy lately, so please be patient and check back often!

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